Las viejitas

I am lost, tangled in you.

Our eyes catch and will not let go,
Forcing our hands to grasp,
Our bodies to meet,
And our breath to match.

Heart racing, breath blowing, skin burning—
You strip me of my clothes 
And any urge to resist;
I return the favor.

Body heat leads to friction—
Pure, wonderful friction.
First, your tongue explores me,
Leaving chills wherever it touches.

Finally, it arrives at my center,
Circling closer and closer
Until I can’t take it anymore
And I force you to taste me.

And you do. And I feel you
Getting hard—your shoulders,
Your arms, your chest, your abs,
And your perfect piece of persuasion.

I have stopped.
Stopped thinking I only feel
You bring your lips to mine
And your head grazes them so lightly.

Barely touching it’s such a tease.
And finally—finally—
You enter me. So slowly,
And so deep.

I am lost, tangled in you.
You push, and push,
And push, sending me 
Warm waves of pleasure.

But the best one comes
When you cannot turn back;
You tighten, so stiff, and then—
You release.

I feel your pulse as if it is mine
And it is. You are a part of me.
We have become one
And we exist in ecstasy.

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